How much is your eyebrow pencil? – Sam George asks Ursula Owusu-Ekuful over AirtelTigo acquisition

Deputy Ranking Member on Parliament’s Communications Committee, Samuel Nartey George has rejected reports from the Communications Minister saying that AirtelTigo was acquired by government for just a dollar.

Communications and Digitalisation Minister, Ursula Owusu-Ekuful on Monday in a Facebook post revealed that AirtelTigo shares were acquired for just a dollar and not $25 million as purported.

“Some people find it very difficult to believe we can negotiate good deals for government. I signed the AirtelTigo contract. We acquired it for just a dollar….How much did we pay to acquire the company? $1 simple!!” she communicated.

She further indicated that these false reports being carried out by Sam George are “barefaced lie and a blatant untruth.”

“Someone, an MP, says he heard me say we paid $25 million. A barefaced lie…. blatant untruth. Please ask Sam George where he heard that. Then Sit back and listen to long, English grammar and drama…. just keep your eyes on the ball,” she added.

But in a rebuttal, Sam Nartey George also in a post accused the Communications Minister of insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians by stating that the shares of AirtelTigo were acquired for a dollar.

“What does she take us for? That she bought AirtelTigo for $1? How much is the eyebrow pencil she uses to draw her eyebrows and she thinks she can insult our intelligence?” he quizzed.

For him, this ploy and “arrogant clap” by the Minister will not hinder a Parliamentary probe on how government acquired the said shares in question.

“Someone tell our Minister for Communications that grand posturing and arrogant clap backs would not stop us on the Parliamentary Committee of Communications and the good people of Ghana from demanding accountability from her,” he said.

He further advised the Communications Minister to prepare to appear before Parliament’s Communications Committee and provide a detailed statement of the transactions that transpired between the government and Bharti Airtel.

“We would not allow the already burdened taxpayers of our country to be saddled with poorly thought out decisions that impose more debt or hardship on us. Our eyes are fixed on the ball and I urge you to do same. No long talk,” he added.

Already in a press statement dated April 22, Sam George opined that the initiative carried out by the government has since been confusing, shrouded in secrecy and sometimes contradictory.

He also submitted that reports before him revealed that government acquired AirtelTigo for $25 million.

“We would expect transparency in such a major development that has economic and financial implications for the Ghanaian people,” he requested.